[drink-uh-bout] -noun
1. an informal bus ride taken by members of the communities of
Normal Heights, North Park, South Park and beyond, for the purpose of drinking without driving, sampling the wares at multiple local establishments, and being seen by the public.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Student Documentary

Four students filmmakers with a love for great beer are making a 10 minute investigative documentary on the San Diego Microbrewery Culture. They'll be focusing on what are the elements and who are the people behind the outcropping and passion for brewing great beer in San Diego. The documentary will be turned into the UCSD Extension in late March. They will be outside on the sidewalk of The Blind Lady Ale House on Wednesday, February 17 during the DrinkAbout event as well as riding along on the bus to capture comments from participants. No one will be filmed that does not want to be and the documentary will not be sold for commercial or monetary purposes.


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