[drink-uh-bout] -noun
1. an informal bus ride taken by members of the communities of
Normal Heights, North Park, South Park and beyond, for the purpose of drinking without driving, sampling the wares at multiple local establishments, and being seen by the public.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hop on the Bus

Have you downloaded your schedule yet?

The first buses will be leaving Blind Lady at 7pm and Hamilton's at 7:10pm. They will run in a circular pattern until 11pm, stopping only at stops on the right side of the street. This means they will only stop at Ritual on an express route from Hamilton's to Blind Lady.

Important Tip: The buses will do their best to always stop at Toronado and Ritual at the same time so that you can transfer at this point.

We strongly suggest printing out the schedule and studying it before heading out.

If our bus schedule doesn't meet all your needs, let us suggest the 2 & 11 lines. In case you've never taken advantage of MTS, the 2 runs up and down 30th Street until around 1am and the 11 will take you all along Adams Ave until a little after 11pm.

See you out there rain or torrential downpour!

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